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Pátio Victor Malzoni: Providing Cellular Coverage for the Financial Heart of São Paulo

Pátio Victor Malzoni: Providing Cellular Coverage for the Financial Heart of São Paulo

Suppose you’re coming to São Paulo for business. In the largest economic and industrial center of the Southern Hemisphere, it’s hard not to pass by Brigadeiro Faria Lima Avenue, São Paulo’s Wall Street, which unites various multinational companies across the technology and finance sectors. One building stands out: Pátio Victor Malzoni, the largest corporate structure on Faria Lima.

Home to Google’s Latin America headquarters, Pátio Malzoni typically sees about 132,000 visitors per month. With 1,805,032 ft² of total area, two independent towers, 20 floors, six basements, and corporate roofing of up to 53,819ft², the building used to struggle with connectivity issues, such as dropped connections and slow internet speed.

Can you imagine being in an elevator on your way to a meeting and lacking the signal to make a last-minute search? Or not being able to complete a call to close a high-stakes contract? Time is money – and the thought of losing money was a major reason for alarm among visitors and tenants alike.

To solve this problem, Pátio Malzoni needed an indoor telecommunication infrastructure system to support high-volume data traffic. Therefore, the developer partnered with QMC Telecom, who installed an active multi-operator Distributed Antenna System (DAS). The resulting system delivered 100% building coverage, including common and private office areas, plus the garage. The installation process took less than two months. The project was also one of the largest telecom deployments by QMC Brazil.

Area Coverage

1,805,032 ft² 

Distributed Antennas


 Remote Units








From Project to Solution: A Personalized Customer Relationship

Pátio Victor Malzoni boasts LEED Core and Shell Silver certifications, which means the building follows sustainability best practices in energy, electrical, and water efficiency. The development is also Triple-A (or AAA) and features the most modern standards in the corporate sector, which demand a maximum level of quality for building systems.

The QMC team carefully analyzed these criteria, ensuring project installation and implementation that met all technical and architectural requirements of the Pátio Victor Malzoni site.

After careful calculation, the QMC team implemented an Active DAS solution. Leveraging a set of distributed elements, this system spreads the signal source of cellular operators through Remote Units which are connected by Optical Fiber. Under this system, the signal is closer to the end-user, matching the power of a horizontal infrastructure of more than 600 physically dispensed antennas.

First and foremost, QMC’s design and engineering teams benefitted Pátio Malzoni’s tenants. The DAS installation improved connectivity in the coverage area, optimized site design, and met the needs of each unit owner with high-capacity antennas with low visual impact.

Through QMC’s collaboration with existing telecommunications service providers in the building, Pátio Malzoni was also able to closely monitor all tenant communication and the DAS installation process without disrupting the daily operations of the site.

The Project’s Importance to QMC

Pátio Malzoni is one of the largest projects completed by QMC Brazil and a pioneer for indoor telecommunication solutions in São Paulo. The dynamics and specificities of such a complex project gave QMC a valuable track record in system implementation and engineering. As a result of this collective work, the center saw an increase in connectivity of more than 95% of the area.

DAS Extension

The DAS project also opened the door to expanding infrastructure for two other projects near Pátio Victor Malzoni: JK 1455 and Faria Lima Square. This was only possible because QMC used a C-DAS Solution, a centralized solution that optimizes the operator’s infrastructure. It is an extension of the indoor connectivity network without compromising the existing DAS.


To ensure the infrastructure always operates at desired quality and capacity, QMC uses its proprietary 24-7 NOC (Network Operation Center) to deliver performance monitoring via reports and dashboards. Once the system identifies the problem, the customer can also use NOC to trigger QMC’s internal workflows and quickly resolve the issue.

In our client’s words:

“Like with any project, difficulties arise and are resolved. However, the mobile signal works very well in every part of the building, including basements and elevators, places that had no network previously. QMC’s service was excellent, and overall, the implementation went very well. Would I recommend QMC Telecom to other partners? Yes. I’m satisfied”, said Fábio Sapiencia, Technical Manager of the Pátio Victor Malzoni Building. 

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