Greystar Stratto Americas: The first venue-led DAS in Mexico

The challenge of bringing connectivity to Guadalajara’s premier luxury community

Imagine living and working in one of the best locations in Guadalajara, capital of Mexico’s Jalisco state, without worrying about furniture, appliances or services. You have everything that you need, except that whenever you want to call a customer or friend, there’s no cellular signal. Not even in the case of an emergency.

That was the reality of Greystar Stratto Americas, a luxury multifamily development that has brought the concept of rental apartments to Mexico. Greystar owns all the details of the rental, provides the best amenities in the market, and makes life easier for those who do not want to waste time. The building is in one of the safest and most modern areas of the city, close to the financial heart of Guadalajara.

To offer the best experience to guests and visitors, Stratto Américas needed a high-quality telecommunication infrastructure solution, as the building did not have cellular coverage in the upper 12 floors owned by Greystar. Confident that it had the right technology to solve this problem, QMC Telecom offered a unique solution for the complex, implementing a multi-operator active Distributed Antenna System (DAS) that covered 100% of the upper floors in fewer than 3 months (from December 2020 to February 2021).

With 233 luxury apartments across floors 21 to 33, the $40 million development also includes a game center, business center, swimming pool and jacuzzi, barbecue, sport bar, gym, restaurants, reading corner, and wellness area. The project is owned by the 28-year-old American real estate company Greystar, whose portfolio has more than 713,000 residences globally.

220,600 ft2 covered
12 floors
230 units
84 antennas
2 remote units
1 sector

The challenge of bringing connectivity to an existing building

The project’s complexity began with its new business model, known as venue-led. In practice, this means that the building can choose how and when it can insert its wireless network service, without waiting for the carriers, and thereby increase its mobile connectivity without relying exclusively a Wi-Fi network.

QMC Telecom, which has been operating for 13 years in the neutral host industry in Mexico, was responsible for the end-to-end implementation of the Active DAS system. This DAS contains a set of network elements that distribute the signal source of the carriers to the antennas through remote units that are connected by fiber optic cable. The DAS covers the top 12 floors of Greystar Stratto Americas with 84 antennas to provide cutting-edge connectivity to guests and visitors.

Maintenance with a specialized team

The entire Greystar Stratto Americas project was closely monitored by the QMC O&M team, which uses the Network Operation Center (NOC) to ensure that the infrastructure operates with the best possible quality and capacity 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In case a problem is identified, the customer can also trigger the QMC O&M team and resolve the failure within the agreed SLA.


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