QMC’s First C-DAS in Healthcare: Hospital do Coração do Brasil and Hospital Santa Luzia

The buildings attained better connectivity in fewer than 6 months

Hospital do Coração do Brasil (HCBr) and Hospital Santa Luzia (HSL) are located in Brasília, Brazil’s capital. The hospitals are regional leaders in quality and service and form part of the D’Or São Luiz network, the largest network of private hospitals in Latin America.  

Separated by a corridor, the hospitals suffered from poor cellular signal quality for external and internal communication between medical staff and patients.  


36 owned hospitals and 1 under management (Israelita) 

5,500 operating beds 

40,800 collaborators 

87,000 accredited doctors 

3,470,000 emergency calls per year 

373,000 admissions per year 

238,000 surgeries per year 

269,000 births per year 

Hospital do Coração do Brasil (HCBr): experts in cardiovascular disease  

Founded in 2007, HCBr specializes in cardiac and vascular pathologies. The hospital includes a surgical center, Cardiology ICU, 24-hour cardiovascular emergency center, and medical clinic. It also offers advanced exams that involve state-of-the-art technologies. The HCBr is certified in excellence by the International Society for Quality in Healthcare (ISQua). The walkway that connects the HCBr to Hospital Santa Luzia allows for increased support for other specialties and makes the procurement of services even more complete. 

Hospital Santa Luzia (HSL): specialists in high-complexity cases 

Over the years, HSL has solidified its status as the standard-setting hospital in the nation. Founded in the early 70s, the hospital specialized in otolaryngology, ophthalmology, and maternity services. Today, their specialization has increased to other segments, such as breast cancer, pediatrics, proctology, and urology, among many others.  

QMC: the ideal partner for improved connectivity 

Lacking an indoor connectivity network, the hospitals needed a cellular coverage solution guaranteed not to interfere with medical equipment. As a solution, QMC Telecom implemented an active multi-operator Distributed Antenna System (DAS) that connected the two hospitals and offered 100% cellular coverage in fewer than 6 months. 

The system, called Centralized DAS (C-DAS), is a solution that optimizes the carrier’s infrastructure as a network extension without compromising the DAS. In essence, a C-DAS expands the coverage of a carrier’s network without the need for additional investments. 

In the case of the hospitals’ coverage, a single QMC equipment room, located outside the Hospital Santa Luzia, delivers complete connectivity to the two buildings. The entire fiber-optic structure was implemented by QMC to support data traffic to the Hospital do Coração. Small antennas were placed in areas such as the ground floor, basement, cafeterias, ICUs, technical areas, and among other places with larger traffic of people. 

250,000 sq ft of covered area 

Total antennas: 228 (75 at HSL and 73 at HCBr) 

Remote Units: 16 (10 at HSL and 6 at HCbr)  

Sectors: 6 (3 in each hospital)  

MIMO 2×2  

11,000 annual surgeries 

150,000 annual emergency calls  

21,000 hospitalizations per year  


QMC’s solution was installed at various points throughout the hospital, enabling a quality cellular connection to reach all floors of the buildings, with low levels of radiation to accommodate the most sensitive areas. The signal reaching the hospitals is not harmful to human health and does not cause pathological damage. As an additional safety measure, QMC ensured that the signal frequencies were different from those emitted by hospital devices, such as MRI machines. 

From design to implementation, the QMC team was responsible for mapping out the areas and organizing the installation of the antennas so that they did not impact hospital operations. 


The C-DAS is connected to QMC’s Global Network Operation Center (NOC), which allows visibility into all systems and monitoring of service operations. The NOC ensures that the infrastructure operates at the best possible quality and capacity through reports and dashboards, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

In the Client’s Words: 

“At first, we were very concerned about the implementation due to the high-paced nature of the hospital environment. However, we were positively surprised by the lack of inconvenience. The entire QMC team is highly trained and has displayed a commitment to not interfering or generating disturbances outside the standards allowed by the DOR NETWORK. Both doctors and patients noticed the improved connectivity in the buildings. We would recommend QMC as a partner, as the entire process was highly satisfactory and did not introduce complications during the installation,” said Adriano de Freitas Rosado, Project Manager – Regional DF/BA of the D’Or São Luiz Network. 


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